Become Who You Were Meant to Be

It's time to claim your unlimited happiness and fulfill your purpose by integrating with your Higher Self.


"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

- Carl Jung




What Makes This Different

There are mindset coaches and there are energy healers, but there are very few people who combine the two.

Christina understands the Core Wounds and other patterns which hold you separate from your Highest Self. She has pioneered a process that heals those patterns - INSTANTLY, COMPLETELY, and PERMANENTLY - so that you start feeling more empowered and divinely aligned from Day 1.


"IT'S OPENED UP MY WORLD OF WHAT I'M ABLE AND CAPABLE TO DO FOR MYSELF AND MY CLIENTS. I have had such major transformations. Christina helped me break through energy blocks that I would never have been able to do on my own. I’ve been able to step into my higher purpose and see my true potential! We have healed wounds that allow me to be a better coach and help my clients on a higher level plus achieve my financial goals!!"

Jacquelyn Rodriguez
Intuitive Coach & Holistic Salon Owner

"CHRISTINA IS A GENIUS AT WHAT SHE DOES, AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR HER WORK. With Christina's help I was able to uncover a lot of desired changes and actual steps I could take to bring them into being. I am much more peaceful that I was before. There is a constant urgency when you have emotional issues controlling your thoughts and actions; you're always trying to avoid pain, so your actions and thoughts are not necessarily aligned with where you are going. Now I am more focused on what I am creating. Christina really understands her gifts, she's not a novice, she's been helping people for years and knows how to let what is best for all pass through her. I appreciate her clean objective energy. I especially like her nurturing quality."

Sheila Leaming
Mystery school founder

"I WAS NOT PREPARED TO INVEST, BUT I AM SO GLAD MY GUT SAID TO FIGURE IT OUT. It is worth every penny and then some. I was not prepared at the time to invest in another program, but I am so glad that my gut said to figure it out. I have been able to increase my self-worth and as a result my financial worth. Fearless Freedom has positively affected my relationships with myself, those around me, and my reactions."

Cori Stuart
Holistic Healer

"I BELIEVE I AM WORTHY OF SUCCESS. My challenge was believing that success was available to me and that I was worthy and capable of achieving great success. Now, I believe that success can happen for me. I believe I am worthy of success. I now know I can trust my gut to help guide me on the steps to take and decisions to make success happen for me. Christina is a wonderful mentor. Kind, caring, generous, and open. She is strong and smart. She is easy to talk to and is extremely insightful."

Marcia Goodman
Staging Realtor

"I FEEL MORE EMPOWERED THAN I EVER HAVE! I felt like a failure at life and at my business. I wasn't making enough to support myself and I often felt like two different people: 1) the confident rockstar that I sometimes show up as, and 2) the terrified child who was still stuck in her trauma story. Christina helped me heal core wounds that have had me doubting my own abilities and my intuition for way too long. I feel more empowered than I ever have and am making some bold decisions and changes in how I do business and life. I trust my intuition more and I am no longer tolerating BS in my work, in relationships, and in general."

Karen Davis King
Sexuality & Relationship Coach

It's Easy to Get the Breakthrough You've Been Seeking

  1. Schedule a Discovery Session. Discuss your goals with Christina and get clear on how she can help you achieve them.
  2. Choose Your Plan. Decide together which of Christina's programs is best for you.
  3. Experience Immediate Changes. Because we start by healing your Core Wound first, mindset blocks that you've faced "forever" will suddenly melt away.

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